The Perfect Economic System

I wrote the post Why Financial Equality Will Never Be Obtained, and I left the reader to do some thinking. I had the readers draw their own conclusions of what would happen if a lump sum of money was distributed to a poor person, a middle-class worker, a white-collar corporate employee, and an entrepreneur/investor.

Before I give you my own opinionated conclusion, I just have to disclose that I am a business owner and an investor. I own a plumbing service company out in Hawaii ( and invest in private and public businesses (the stock market). So damn right my opinion is going to be biased!

My conclusion is that the poor, middle class, and corporate employee will

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Most People Just Don’t Think

“Men simply don’t think”. -Albert Schweitzer

A few years back after listening to Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret recording, the quote above resonated with me. It did because so it’s true if you really think about it.

Now, the statement isn’t being made about the male sex specifically but humanity in general. Most people simply don’t think. Most people are basically zombies that just eat, sleep, shit, and repeat – metaphorically speaking and for some people literally.

Most people unconsciously obey what they are taught in schools and are programmed to strive for what advertisements tell them to strive for.

Why is this?

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Why Financial Equality Will Never Be Obtained

For all you democrats and socialists out there that wants to take (tax) the rich and wealthy and spread it among the rest of the 90% so that financial equality can be possible, well sorry to tell you, it will never work!

Financial equality will never be a reality. Why is that? Because of knowledge.

Think about this scenario:

A poor person, a middle class working person, a white collar corporate employee, and an wealthy business person/investor are all given an equal amount of lump sum money. How will each person likely use the money?

The Poor Person

The poor person will likely use the money

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